What the 84e has to offer

What we have to offer

The 84e is one of the most prestigious and long-standing regiments in the community, not many are able to boast the longevity and existential stability of the 84e and as such the first thing 84e can offer is a prolonged and reliable place in a respected and tightly-knit community. 84e is primarily a melee focussed regiment and reflects this in its training and battlefield tactics, but not in its selection processes! No one is ever refused admission for inadequate skills, nor kicked from the regiment for lack of progress; all that 84e asks is activity and maturity, with emphasis placed on a fun and communal experience for all involved. We have some of the best and most experienced players in the game who strive to pass on their knowledge to new recruits, who soon themselves become seasoned veterans with unquenchable bloodlusts, and it is this perpetual skill base and not an elitist recruitment policy that has allowed 84e to remain as one of the premier regiments since its founding. We accept members of all nationalities and have an incredibly diverse roster, with the only requirements being basic proficiency in English and the flexibility to meet the training hours. While an inescapable fact that we are mostly a European regiment operating around European time zones, members from further East and further West have nonetheless found happiness and success in our midst.

You don't have to be a good player to join 84e; we have regular mêlée practice to ensure everyone is playing at their best. English is used for orders during Linebattles, but we are a very friendly and international regiment. Our members come from all over Europe, the US and Canada. Promotions and Demotions happen very fluidly, and if you are a good fighter or leader you will be noticed quickly. Inactive players are kicked out within a month, so the Roster always reflects our true numbers.

What can 84e offer you? A fun, structured experience in Napoleonic Wars that will see you win line battles and introduce you to new mods that you didn’t even know existed. The chance to join your new friends in the wide array of other games that we play, the option of just joining Team Speak to chill out with a fun group of people and, of course, the glory that can only come from stabbing another man in the face.

History of the real 84e

The 84th Line, created in 1684 was known by the Battle of Graz .On 25 and 26 June 1809, two battalions of the 84th defended a church cemetery for many hours against thousands of Austrian soldiers. In the end, the regiment broke through and escaped their enemies. In honor of the regiment's outstanding bravery on this occasion, the 84th was allowed to add the words UN CONTRE DIX (One Against Ten) on their colors. Here are a few details about this combat.

Two battalions of the 84th Line with 2 guns entered the town of Graz, seized the stable and cleared the streets, and took 450 prisoners. The Austrians held only the church and cemetery. Fierce musketry halted the 84e, but at midnight the French scaled the cemetery's walls and took the defenders by surprise. Approximately 120 Austrians surrendered. The French realized that there were more Austrians in the neighbourhood, and the 84th considered a withdrawal only to find that the whitecoats had surrounded them. The 84e put all prisoners into the church, and took cover behind cemetery wall. Although most of the Austrian forces were militia, they outnumbered the French by 10 to 1, the only first rate unit was the Simbish Infantry Regiment. In the morning the whitecoats attacked the cemetery several times. In one attack they penetrated the church to liberate their comrades, in another attack they dragged off one cannon before the French counterattacked and retook it. In one of the last attacks the whitecoats scaled the wall and captured one of 84th's eagles, but Sergeant Legouge single-handedly entered the fight to save the eagle. Running out of ammunition the French decided to use bayonets and cut their way to safety, and they escaped and met up with a relieving troops sent by Marshal Marmont. For the loss of three officers and 31 men killed, 12 officers and 192 men wounded, and 40 captured, they inflicted an estimated 500 casualties on the Austrians.

Je suis content de la bravoure de votre régiment et de la vôtre. Vous ferez graver sur vos aigles : Un contre Dix

Napoléon, juillet 1809

Les Soldats du 84, très crânement ont combattu jadis, Et s'il le faut, sachons nous battre, avec honneur, Comme eux "Un contre Dix"

Refrain du 84e régiment d'infanterie

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